Touch of Death

YA Contemporary Fantasy

Death is permanent. Even the ones that haven’t happened yet.

George would know: with just a touch, she experiences a person’s future death. High school is hard enough without ghosts trailing her, but 16-year-old death witch Georgiana “George” Colburn can’t seem to catch a break. Even Jen’s ghost, the recently deceased popular girl who ignored George in life, won’t leave her alone.

Described as prickly by her best, and only, friend Felix, George isn’t really doing much to help herself in the fitting-in department. George is convinced her life can’t get any worse. That is until she bumps into the new student and experiences his death at her hand.

When a coven mate, Trixie, offers to help her with her magic, George finds herself with a new friend and crush, but she knows even if she found the courage to ask her out, a relationship is impossible: she’d never be able to touch her. With the help of Felix, Jen, and Trixie, George must face her fears and learn to embrace her powers to unlock the secrets of her magic before blood stains her hands.

The Lovers

Fantasy Romance

In 1928, New Orleans is rife with young love and a blossoming night scene. But to Rebecca, New Orleans is the next stop on her hunt for the vindictive witch that cursed her.

In 1722, a nineteen-year old Rebecca was desperate to save her betrothed Thomas from a mortal illness. When offered immortality for the both of them, Rebecca agreed. But magic always has a price: they could only be together on the longest night of the year. If they lingered too long, Thomas would die and Rebecca would return to aging.

After 200 years, Rebecca is weary. As she hunts for a way to break the curse, she finds herself torn between Thomas and the one thing she thought she’d never find: a new love.

Life In The Dark

YA Contemporary Fantasy

Things have always been tense between Ophelia “Lia” Whitmore and her mother, but when her grandmother shows up at the funeral home after her aunt’s death, things only get weirder. Whisked back to her mother’s secluded hometown, Allshallow, in the Appalachian mountains, Lia finds out the magic her mother practices isn’t just for show, and the Whitmore women have more than a few tricks up their sleeves.

Lia’s mother isn’t the only one hiding something, though: the ancient mountains have secrets of their own. The mountains provide a safe haven for not only witches, but all with a magical bloodline. Founded by those desperate for safety, the idyllic town has now become a bit of a tourist trap, hiding its residents in plain sight as Halloween-lovers from all over flock to the town for the annual Allhallows Celebration.

Between learning her newfound magic and a budding relationship, Lia thinks things may be going her way. But when the town’s magic starts spiraling into chaos after Lia fights with her mom, she needs to work to repair the damaged relationships in the town before the magic, and town, literally crumble around her.

A Homebrew Courtship

YA Romance

Harper Chambers has always been unapologetically herself. Sometimes that makes it a little difficult to make, and keep, friends, but she can’t help it. Besides, she has the safety of her DnD campaign and her job at the theater as her safe spaces. But when her campaign ends in flames, she joins a new game to start fresh, and distract herself from the fact that her enemy just started working with her at the theater.

Said enemy, Leo Tobin, isn’t so comfortable with himself. He finds it easier to keep his school persona, popular boy and swim team captain, separate from the Discord server where he fights for the weak. Despite his hesitation, Leo joins the school DnD game, vowing to keep his true identity secret.

As the game unfolds, Harper and Leo begin a romance between their characters, but there’s an IRL romance brewing too. Little do they know, the character they’re flirting with on screen is the same person they’re bantering with at work. The bonds are growing stronger but the real test will be if fantasy meets reality.

Gamble of the Crown

Fantasy Romance

​​Life under the rule of the fae has never been glamorous. Since the death of their parents, Lina set aside her dreams of adventure and now makes do by picking pockets, taking odd jobs, and doing whatever necessary to care for her much younger sister.

When a handsome fae sees Lina earning her keep in a fighting pit, he invites her to be his champion in a competition to determine the next ruler of the kingdom. But it won’t be the fae lords competing, it will be their human champions. The human victor will not only choose the head the crown will rest on, but they will bind their life to the heir to become one of the fae themselves.

It’s too good a chance to pass up. Leaving everything behind is hard, but if Lina has an opportunity to win a brighter future for herself, her sister, and humanity, she’s willing to try. The trials aren’t the only danger she will face: the court of the fae royals is filled with lies, greed, and treachery. It’s a gamble for the crown, and Lina intends to win by any means necessary.

In The Shadow of the Wood

Fantasy Romance

“I have always lived in the village on the edge of the wood, growing up with stories of vampires who lusted for blood and werewolves ripping through flesh on a full moon night. When I was young, I thought these stories were to frighten us of the wood, to ensure we would never enter. But as I got older I realized that these stories were another form of protection. There were monsters in the wood, that much was true, but there was also something else. A darkness that could not be explained. And it was the unknown that was the most terrifying part of all.”

In a village on the edge of the wood filled with dark and terrifying creatures, magic has been banned. Quiet and reserved, Caelia dreams of one day escaping the confines of her village and the threat of the wood, where magic users are banished. When she is attacked by a fellow member of the village, magic burst from her, much to her surprise. Despite acting in self-defense, she is tried for her use of magic and sentenced to the wood she has grown up fearing.

Banished in the deadly wood, Caelia befriends a handsome stranger. Together they work to control Caelia’s magic, and unravel the many secrets of the wood.

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